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Render by Design provides comprehensive solutions for residential and commercial interior and exterior decorative surfaces, offering a wide array of traditional rendering techniques and natural polished trowel-on finishes. Whether you require enhancements for your floors, walls, countertops, or feature walls, we are your all-encompassing answer to realizing your design vision. Our accredited systems are designed to help you achieve the full potential of your desired visual finish.


Our finishes range from trowel-on-wall finishes to floor finishes.  Specializing in concrete looks, there is something on offer to enhance the look of any project.

With over 20 years of experience in the trade and a family history dating back 50 years, Render By Design will create the most traditional to the most contemporary look to be the feature of any property.

  • Traditional external renders and textures

  • Concrete look trowel on finishes

  • Engineered polished concrete look trowel on floors

  • Seamless concrete look bathroom finishes

  • Hand-troweled tables and bench tops

  • X bond

  • Micro bond

  • Cerano

  • All finishes are also available in a range of amazing pastel colours



Render by design can create a unique range of wall and floor finishes.  From polished concrete to polished pastels.  Feature walls and floors in a variety of concrete shades and pastel colours.  Bring your home or business to life.  Our range can cater  cafes to homes to commercial finishes.


Render by design offer a range of rendered and textured finishes.  Rendered finishes over substrates such as brickwork, polystyrene or cement sheet.  Coloured textured finishes to concrete look or polished coloured finishes.  Make your project unique.


Seamless tilefree bathrooms in a range of concrete shades and pastels.  Handtrowel over a variety of substrates.  Create a unique and amazing bathroom, or eliminate your old tiles without removing them by coating them in our hand trowelled seamless finishes


Render by design offer a range of customized benchtops and tables.  We can create to your design and measurements or bring to life your existing bench or tabletop.


about me.

David Iebbiano has been working in trowel on finishes and textures for over 20 years.  His father, Sante was a pioneer in bringing coloured textured finishes to Australia in the early 1980s with Rivoland and later Multitex.

The industry has evolved over that period, but the passion still remains.  The ability to create stylish, unique finishes to Australian properties is the aim of our company.  Using a variety of materials and products we are able to create some amazing looking floors, walls and furniture.


Xbond is designed to produce a polished concrete or industrial concrete appearance.  The finish is also available in a range of coloured finishes to create an endless number of creations.

Xbond is a water based seamless stone hand troweled overlay system.  It is combined with an engineered liquid polymer which allows for some flexibility.  This system is warmer underfoot than tiles or concrete.  Xbond is designed for application over concrete, tiles, compressed sheeting, plaster, MDF amongst other substrates.  It is ideal for new construction as well as renovations.

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Polished concrete Bathroom
Polished concrete Floor
Polished concrete Wall
Polished concrete Stairs
Polished concrete Floor
Polished concrete Floors
Concrete bathroom


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